What are the Top 3 Critical Success Factors in a Successful ITIL Implementation Project?


The top three Critical Success Factors (CSF) in a successful ITIL implementation are:

1. Management Commitment and Involvement.Management commitment is about involving, motivating and leading by example, not just financial commitment. Having an influential project sponsor who believes in ITIL and setting up a project steering committee with all relevant IT and customer stakeholders (usually business departments) will help secure management commitment.

2. Dedicated Process Owners (e.g., Change Manager).One of the biggest mistakes is to give an employee processes responsibilities in addition to existing function responsibilities. Although this may work for some time during the project hype period, the process owner’s commitment will soon fade. Having a dedicated process owner will ensure that process is managed efficiently and effectively and is continuously improved, in order to meet the process objectives.

3. Don’t be Over-Ambitious (i.e., implement one or two processes at a time).Many ITIL projects have failed because of IT organizations trying to implement all ITIL processes at the same time. Implementing one or two process at a time will give you the necessary focus and urgency to successfully complete the ITIL process improvement project.

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