Which ITIL process do I implement first?


One of the most common questions asked before any ITIL implementation is: "Which process I do implement first?"The usual answer is: "It depends".

But we'll try to be a little more helpful in answering this question.

There are two options. If you have already identified the key "pain areas" in your IT organization, you can start with option 1. But if you have not already identified the key pain areas and want to quickly improve your IT organizations' credibility, you can start with option 2.

Option 1: Identify one or two key pain areas in your IT department and implement ITIL best practice processes to fix the issues. This will immediately improve the image of your IT organization.

Option 2: To quickly improve the image of your IT department you could start with customer-facing processes such as incident and change management. By successfully implementing incident and change management you can gain immediate credibility throughout your organisation.

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