What is a project plan?


Project plans are ready-made as per the ITIL best practices and contain all information that is needed to plan an ITIL project.

Each ITIL project plan contains the following essential sections:

  1. Modification History
  2. Distribution
  3. Approvals
  4. Project Information
  5. Purpose and Scope (Clearly Defined Goals and Objectives)
  6. Business Value
  7. Assumptions
  8. Critical Success Factors
  9. Project Governance Structure
  10. Roles and Responsibilities
  11. Time and Schedule
  12. Project Deliverables
  13. Risk Management
  14. Tracking and Monitoring
  15. Communication
  16. Project Budget
  17. Training and Skill Development
  18. Procurement
  19. Quality Assurance
  20. Measurement
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