itQMS® has fully “refreshed” the ITIL® Process Templates and ITIL Implementation Kits to reflect the changes in the newest version of ITIL best practices.

ITIL Process Templates are divided into the following twelve sections essential for processing documentation and completing a successful ITIL implementation:
1. Document History
2. Purpose and Scope
3. Business Value
4. Reference Documents
5. Definitions and Abbreviations
6. Process Input & Output
7. Roles and Responsibilities
8. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
9. Critical Success Factors
10. Risks
11. Procedure Flow Chart
12. Procedure Description 

The All-in-One ITIL Implementation Kit contains everything you need to fast-track your ITIL implementation and successfully manage the ITIL process improvement project.

ITIL Implementation kits now include the following ready-made-documents:
1. Project Charter Document
2. Project Plan Document
3. Work Break-down Structure (Sequence of Tasks)
4. Project Status Report
5. Process Audit Plan
6. Process Audit Checklist
7. Project Closure Report
8. itQMS® ITIL Process Improvement and Project Management Methodology
9. ITIL Overview Presentation
10. ITIL Lifecycle & Process Map
11. ITIL Best Practices Process Template, Document, and Guide

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