Change Advisory Board (CAB) - Purpose


The purpose of the CAB is to ensure that all major or significant changes are assessed and approved before deployment to production environment.

The CAB consists of a cross-functional group (IT, Business, customer service, risk, security etc) of people who have been given authority by the Executive Management to assess the impact of the change and make implementation recommendations.

CAB should assess impact on business services and business processes, existing systems and IT resources and make the right decision regarding the RFC; and should Approve  or Reject new RFC and make recommendations for implementation.

Typical CAB agenda includes:

  • Review list of changes
  • Review any issues with previous deployed changes
  • Review key post-implementation findings
  • Review any changes which have been implemented without authorization from Change Management
  • Review summary of standard changes approved by the change manager
  • Make recommendations to the change management process.
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